Give 5 to America's Churches

Religious differences should never be barriers to helping those in need, but avenues for cooperation and the common good. America’s churches of every denomination are continually reaching out, both inside and outside their congregations. At Give 5 America Foundation, we believe we can all help churches across this country continue their good works.

Help Churches, Help Communities

Churches in America do immeasurable good every day, by helping families, individuals, and communities overcome challenges. Whether those challenges stem from economics, education, natural disasters, or personal hardship doesn’t matter – America’s churches spring into action, and that takes resources.

Give 5 America exists to multiply the small donations of millions of Americans into sizable contributions. This way, anyone with limited resources can have an impact. America’s schools are some of the best in the world, and your $5 helps them compete.

Churches Change Lives

Your $5 donation can help churches maintain programs, repair their buildings, sponsor welfare initiatives, and serve our communities in practical, meaningful ways. Most of us would never miss $5 today, or even every month. But in the hands of America’s churches, your small donation can be combined with others to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

Give 5 America! – Help Our Churches Keep Giving!

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