Give 5 and Provide Relief for Natural Disasters

Acts of nature can strike without warning, wreaking havoc on lives and communities in the process. There may be nothing we can do to prevent natural disasters, but there is much we can do to help in the aftermath. 

Give 5 America Foundation encourages people from all walks of life and all areas of the country to donate $5. We’ll pool those small amounts into formidable donations that help put lives back together.

Close to Home or Across the Nation

Perhaps you live in an area where hurricanes or ice storms occur on a yearly basis. Your $5 can help us spring into action when disaster strikes. Even if your community doesn’t suffer from frequent severe weather or earthquake risk, your donation can help other Americans recover when tragedies arise.

Whether your $5 goes to work in your neighborhood or somewhere far away, it can make all the difference to someone suffering the effects of a natural disaster.

Give 5 Today

It doesn’t have to be tornado season for your donation to make a difference. Natural disasters can strike any time, any place. Instead of feeling helpless when catastrophes arise, you’ll know your small donation will be combined with thousands of others to help recovery and cleanup efforts.

Donate and Share

Don’t wait until an emergency to get involved. Give 5 now on a one-time or recurring basis. Encourage others to follow your example, so when the unthinkable happens, we’ll be ready.

Join the Movement and Give 5 America!

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Give 5 America LLC is starting in 2022 as a For-Profit Company collecting donations and will be filing with the IRS in 2022 to become a 501C3 status and receive its exemption letter so that donations can be tax deductible upon acceptance.