Give 5 and Change the World!

When Americans pull together, we can achieve anything. When you Give 5, you can help America’s entrepreneurs change the world. 

Give 5 America needs your help to ensure our brightest minds have the capital they need to innovate and create jobs. Every successful start-up business means new careers, breakthrough industries, and economic growth for all of us.

Support American Ingenuity

There is no better place than the USA for starting a business and living your dreams. Give 5 America wants to help facilitate the American Dream by supporting entrepreneurs in every industry. Without pioneers willing to take risks, we wouldn’t have companies like Apple, GE, Ford, and Google.

But Dreamers Need Our Help

It’s one thing to have a great business idea, but it’s another story to get it off the ground. In order to create prototypes, advertise, and open their doors, entrepreneurs need capital. After all, most people who start businesses are not wealthy – they’re everyday people with a good idea and not enough money to get it going.

At Give 5 America, we believe every promising new business venture deserves a chance. Your $5 donation combined with other inspired Americans can help our economy stay healthy and strong. Who knows – your small donation could help the next Steve Jobs change the world.

Give 5 America! – Keep Innovation Alive!

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Give 5 America LLC is starting in 2022 as a For-Profit Company collecting donations and will be filing with the IRS in 2022 to become a 501C3 status and receive its exemption letter so that donations can be tax deductible upon acceptance.