Together, we can make a difference!

Give 5 and change a life today!

Give 5 America knows that Americans are generous and compassionate. We want to make a difference, but most of us wonder how to go about it. While you may not be able to give hundreds or thousands, you can give $5. Fortunately, so can millions of others across this country – and it all adds up to a big impact! If we pull together, we have unlimited power for good. Please, give 5 today and help us spread the word. Give 5 America – and change a life! Join the movement.


It is our vision that millions of Americans – pulling together – can multiply their small contributions to better the lives. 

Our Purpose

At Give 5 America, our purpose is to multiply the simple resources of everyday Americans for maximum impact.

In doing so, we will adhere to the following methods and principles:

How You Can Help

Collectively and individually, Americans are blessed. Most of us enjoy relative prosperity and success. Nearly all of us can afford to give a little, just once or repeatedly, to help others who are less fortunate than we are. Would you really miss $5, today, next month, or over a year’s time? Probably not.

However, your $5, when added to the small contributions of millions of others, can literally change lives and provide much-needed relief in your community and beyond.

500 Americans giving $5 = $2500

1,000 Americans giving $5 = $5,000

100,000 Americans giving $5 = $500,000

1,000,000 Americans giving $5 = $5,000,000

The Power of 5

Here at Give 5 America , we believe in the power of FIVE. That means the small, $5 donations of individuals from all walks of life can be compounded to make a difference in the lives of the discouraged and down-trodden.

We’re in This Together

As Americans, your small donations have the power to change lives. Give 5 America exists to magnify that power into tangible, meaningful relief. Join our mission today and see what your $5 can do!

Our Partners

At Give 5 America, our number one partner is you. The more Americans give 5, the better resources we’ll have to help individuals, families, and communities. However, we also seek partnerships with other organizations to help them carry out everyone’s missions. The partners we seek could include:

The partners we cooperate with must have a track record of helping real people, with real results and 100% integrity. Our expectations are high, and we work only with those we can trust. Our top priority is to ensure our resources are used wisely, bringing hope and help to those who need it most.

Help someone’s day end remarkably better than it started. Give 5 America!

Ways To Give 5

Your $5 donation is a small way for you to make a big difference in the lives of others. At Give 5 America, we’re excited to have you aboard. We hope you’ll share this movement with your family, friends, and community.

Click here to set up your one-time or recurring $5 donation, and encourage others to do the same. Adding their $5 to yours, we know we can do great things!

Where Will My $5 Go?

You probably won’t even miss your small donation, but it will go to help support one of the 10 categories that Give 5 America will be working with over the years to support its mission statement.  If you have a need assistance in your area and want us to look into supporting, please contact us  and we will reach back out to you to see what we can do. 

Do You See a Need?

If you see a specific need in your area, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to work with you to raise awareness and resources from your community and beyond. We encourage everyone to be our “boots on the ground” in changing lives.

You Have the Power

There is nothing like the synergy of people working together for a good cause. When those people use the power of 5, tremendous good can be done. Give 5 American was founded to give people from all walks of life a convenient, simple way to change the world – $5 at a time.

Give 5 America! Won’t You Join Us Now?

Take Action

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world, but felt you didn’t have the time or resources to make an impact?
Well, Give 5 America wants to change that way of thinking.
When you combine your $5 donation with thousands, even millions of other Americans, you 
can make a difference. All you have to do is take action!

Be the Change

Ghandi urged us all to, “be the change you want to see in the world.” When you give $5, Give 5 America will add your small, manageable effort to that of millions of others. It adds up fast! And it all adds up to a simple way to change the lives of those who need it most!

Wherever your donation goes, you can rest assured it’s making a difference and changing lives. All it takes from you is an easy $5. It’s almost nothing to you, but to someone in need, it could mean everything.

Take Action Now!

We need all 50 states to join our efforts in the $5 challenge – and it begins with you. Is there a family or organization in your area that needs help? For example:

While your $5 alone might not make a difference, Give 5 America Foundation means you are never alone. What if the people in your community or state pooled their resources? Working together, small efforts can change lives. If you see a need in your area, we hope you’ll let us know, so we can work together to get as many donations as possible!

We Need You!

Whether it’s down the street or across this great country, we can make good things happen together. Imagine if people in all 50 states joined in our $5 challenge. When the midwest suffers more massive tornadoes, or when tragedy hits a little too close to home, we’d be ready to help.

We can make a difference with the power of 5, but it all begins with the power of one – you. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts open for ways to help and serve one another. Let’s give just a little bit of ourselves to make this world a better place.

Let’s Give 5 America!

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Give 5 America LLC is starting in 2023 as a For-Profit Company collecting donations and will be filing with the IRS in 2023 to become a 501C3 status and receive its exemption letter so that donations can be tax deductible upon acceptance.