Small Business Owners

Give 5 to Help Small Businesses Thrive

Every large company started as a small venture, and each small business provides jobs, income for families, and tax revenue for the community. At Give 5 America , we see the positive impact small businesses can have on the country as a whole.

That’s why we need your one-time or recurring $5 donation. Working with us and millions of others, you can help small business owners stay in the game and provide economic growth for us all.

Provide Vital Resources

Running a business of any size takes cash flow. Small business owners have facilities to rent, computers to buy, and employees to pay. Your small donation won’t hurt your pocketbook, but could make the difference between success and failure for a struggling small business.

Why Should You Give 5?

One small business could employ dozens of people, providing economic stability for each employee and their family. When you give 5, your small donation will be combined with others to make a real difference in the lives of real people – potentially hundreds! When small businesses do well, we all reap the benefits.

One Donation, Many Lives. Give 5 America!

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Give 5 America LLC is starting in 2022 as a For-Profit Company collecting donations and will be filing with the IRS in 2022 to become a 501C3 status and receive its exemption letter so that donations can be tax deductible upon acceptance.