Schools and Teachers

The future generation of America is our most precious resource. Without a quality education, they cannot succeed. And without the right tools, they cannot learn effectively. 

Sadly, school budgets often fall short of the demand for new equipment and supplies. As a result, many teachers feel obligated to purchase classroom needs out of their own pocket. But with your $5 donation, Give 5 America can help fund schools and students in need!

Help Kids, Help America

Children are the hope of America, and they need our help. Few of us could afford to finance a new computer lab, or buy the classroom supplies for the entire school year. But when people come together, they can accomplish anything.

Give 5 America exists to multiply the small donations of millions of Americans into sizable contributions. This way, anyone with limited resources can have an impact. America’s schools are some of the best in the world, and your $5 helps them compete.

$5 is All it Takes

Just think: if 500 people donated just $5, that’s enough for a handful of laptops or a even dozen tablet computers. If 1,000 people made the same contribution, the effects would be double!

District budgets and fundraisers simply aren’t enough to provide every need in the classroom. But with Give 5 America, you can help make up the difference. All it takes is your one-time or recurring $5 donation, and we can change lives.

Give 5 America! – Help Us Help Kids!

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